Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Russell's Christmas Magic

I am so excited to be able to say that Russell is baa-aaack!
This time it's Christmas, and when Santa loses control of his Sleigh and it crashes in Firefly Wood, the Christmas Spell is broken. To Russell's horror, Santa has no choice but to cancel Christmas. Thankfully our woolly hero has a plan, albeit a ridiculous one. However, with huge dollops of sheepish ingenuity, it just might work. Can Russell save the day?
Russell's Christmas Magic will be unleased in September 2007.
The book has taken thirteen months to finish, and I will be posting some more illustrations and background info later to give you a sense of how the book came about. For now though, here's the cover.
I would love to know your thoughts about the Russell books so far, and as the bookcover is such a hugely vital component, I would very much value your thoughts and comments about this and all the Russell covers. Actually, maybe you could tell me what YOU believe makes a good book cover.
Constructive feedback is always welcome so please...pen away.


Joanna said...

Love the cover, especially the frog hanging from the back of Santa. Definitely a great addition to the Russell books.

Dani said...

Hey, I've been a big fan of Russell since the first book. I like the amount of thought and detail you put into each character, and the illustrations are quirky and beautiful. I'm absolutely ecstatic to hear that there is a Christmas book coming out!

Gayle said...

I just bought your new Russels Christmas Magic book for my child and myself. I absolutely love the beautiful art and story. Please produce more wonderful books for us all Rob : ) -Gayle from Florida