Saturday, 21 July 2007

Max and the Canary, collectables

Just wanted to introduce you to Max and the Canary. Two of the new guys on the block and the result of a collaboration with Country Artists Ltd. Feel free to check out the entire range at :

And my personal favourite...Pup Idle!!!


Galou said...

Hello Rob, someone made me discover your blog so I wanted to tell you I love your work! It might be so great for you to see your art in such beautiful figurines! Are they for sale or are they just unique "for fun"? See you soon with Russel.. :)

Frog the Dog said...

Hey, it's great to hear that Russell is getting about so much, he's so cool:)
I found your book in my local library (Fishy Fleetwood, Lancs) when I was rummaging for something to use on a writing course I was teaching, and just enjoyed "russell the sheep" so much. It's so great to see unusual and witty illustrations and there are lots of bits that I enjoyed, but I especially liked the knitting granny and Russell's sidekick frog.
I love art that makes me want to go home and try it myself, and your art makes me feel like that. It's exciting and witty - how cool!
Just to let you know too that I've added a link to your site from our "Reading Hero" site that aims to help parents read more often with their kids.

Thank you for being such an inpsiration, and being funny! It helps cheer the day :)

aruna said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks

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Cindy D. said...

Holy cow that is cute. Seriously. Particularly the bottom one. And I am also in love with Russell the Sheep, none of which/whom I had known about a mere ten minutes ago. I can see you've been very successful so it probably isn't very interesting to hear such things anymore. ;D

[I do follow a lot of art blogs, but I ran into your place because somewhere someone posted a feed of the last 50 images uploaded to LiveJournal, and I just happened to check it out when someone had posted a Russell the Sheep image and (rightfully and thankfully) included a link to your page. :)