Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Megan. A study

I work in a variety of styles but over recent years I've been focusing mainly on my 'Russell' style. However, it's important to stay as fresh as possible, so now and again I try to do something different.
I've recently been brushing up on my figure work and began this painting as a body study (from reference) in which I could explore skin tones and form. Before I realised it, the image was on it's way to becoming a finished piece. Please let me have your comments. I'll put more imagery up for your thoughts as and when I can.


simon said...

Hi Rob
Just a few questions... Is this painting done digitally ? if so what program did you use? Absolutely Love ' Russell the sheep' which I see you've illustrated digitally on a Mac. Could you tell me a bit about the equipment and technics you use... like how you get the textured painterly look in your books... if they 're not a closely guarded secret.
I've writen a picture book that I'm attempting to illustrate on my iMac in Photoshop CS3 with a Wacom intuos 3 its been quite a learning curve but it has lots of advantages over traditional mediums... such as the undo button. Would be grateful for any tips you have on painting digitally
Look forward to your next book...
cheers, Simon

Luna said...

Hi Rob..funny story of how I found you..through Russell Brand who lead me to Russell the Sheep... I absolutly adore'Russell The Sheep' and must give him to everyone I know with kids :)
I was in this huge grocery store that has everything, the way it is these days..anyways I went to look for Russell Brand's Bookie Wook.. they haven't had it yet, I've already read it.. I just like to see if they have there in the Biography section between William Shatner and Dr Phil is 'Russell the Sheep' ..I saw it and doubled over giggling about the title..seeing as I did come looking for the word 'Russell' so I stopped right there and then and read it aloud in the isle, I was shopping alone...I laughed my ass off. I love Russell, and Frankie too :) I want a Russell hat, I want to be a Russell Cheerleader :) I shall be going off to buy them for all sorts of people, and some kids :)
If I sent you this one would you sign it and send it back?
I will have to have a shirt made the says "I LOVE RUSSELL" and have a fab shot of him and Frankie..

email me if you will :) peace and pieces of rainbows

Megan...OMG I love it, the depth of her eyes, the walls, the eyes the texture...really wonder.. I like how you said you looked at it with Russell's eye... which one LOL

talk to you soon :)