Sunday, 4 February 2007

Red House Book Award children's event

On Saturday we took Russell to the land of the White Horses - Wiltshire of course, and St Michaels School main Hall in Aldbourne to be precise. This was a thankyou event for the children who judged the Red House Book Award last year and It was an opportunity for the kids to meet the Authors and Illustrators of their favourite books, and a chance for me to meet some fellow 'book makers' also; (did that come out right??)
Jo Williams and her team organised a wonderful day, and a never ending supply of tea and cakes. I was grateful to you Jo, but my waistline wasn't and still isn't.
Liz and I had a great time meeting the kids and their parents.

As I said, it was great opportunity to meet other Authors, and curious to find that we had all travelled down from the midlands. It turned out , in fact, that Chris D'Lacey is actually based in the area where i grew up in Leicester, and his first School event was at my old Primary School!!
As Arthur once said. 'Small world but I wouldn't like to carpet it.'

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