Sunday, 1 March 2009

2009 Christmas story for Splat

So cool!!!!!! Splat the Cat is to get his own Christmas story in time for next Christmas....Hmm...I'd better stop writing and get busy drawing!   more soon.
 I'm looking forward to keeping you informed as the book progresses.
For starters...I've already finished a christmas story for Splat and the storyboards will be done before I go to bed tonight...fingers crossed.
plan the the plan.


pmdilorenz said...


My son got a stuffed Russell the Sheep a few years ago at a book reading and it's his favorite toy and book. He's been dragging it around for a long time, and I'm afraid it won't last much longer. Where can I get a new one?


Peri Robertson said...

Rob, I just bought your latest book Merry Christmas Splat. I didn't notice Russell featured anywhere in the book. He was in the other Splat books. Please let me know if I missed him!!

Marina said...

Rob, thank you for your art! You are my favorite modern illustrator.
In Russia it's possible to buy only two your books - 'Russell The Sheep' and 'Russell and The Lost Treasure'.
But I still hope we'll see here more your books.